Community & Recreation

Idaho as a destination for accessible world-class recreation

Idaho offers recreation opportunities that bring family and friends together.  We believe in developing the unlimited potential that exists in people and places in Idaho, creating opportunities that are accessible to all.



Grants awarded to CAF athletes in Idaho


Innovative public parks highlighting the many recreational opportunities found in Idaho


Clinics hosted by CAF and led by talented athletes promoting the power of sport

Community & Recreation Stories
Outdoor Play for All: How Sawtooth Elementary is Paving the Way

Every day, kids across the country hear that familiar bell, beckoning them outside for a much needed recess. They grab their jackets and beeline it out the door to run, jump, climb, and play on the playground - but what happens when play isn’t possible for all children, and instead of playing with their friends, they’re sidelined as observers?

Summer of CAF

Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) Idaho wrapped up a busy summer with several outdoor camps, clinics, and events for adaptive athletes in Idaho. These events are free and inclusive, and offer a wide range of sporting opportunities like biking, wake surfing, archery, and rock climbing, and bring in some of the best coaches and trainers from around the world.