The J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation is committed to making Idaho an exemplary model for innovative learning, a destination for accessible world-class recreation, and the most desirable state for life after the military. 

Never have so much experience that you know something cannot be done.

Joe Albertson

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Accelerating Opportunities In Idaho


Investing time, energy, and resources into: Limitless Learning, Stronger Communities, and Innovative Leaders.

Our Values

Family engagement






Bringing Our Vision To Life

J.B. “Joe” Scott

Founding Chairman, Director

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Jamie Jo Scott

Board Chair

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Brian Scott


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Brady Panatopoulos

Chief Executive Officer

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Brian Naeve

Vice President

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Roger Quarles

Executive Director

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Tiffany Trader

Director of Employee Experience

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Jodi LaBrie

Tax Director

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Sam Fleetwood


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Sean Harris

Director of Information Technology

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Hillary Betz

Program Officer

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Bryan Madden

Program Officer

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Dan Nelson

Program Officer

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Stacia Albiston

Communications Officer

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Melissa Merritt

Grants Coordinator

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Alison Garrow

Program Coordinator

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Brad Blair

Program Coordinator

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Julia Fishman

Project Coordinator & Executive Assistant

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Lulu Garcia

Creator of First Impressions

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J.B. Scott, Founding Chairman, Director

Jamie Jo Scott, Board Chair

Brady Panatopoulos, Director | Chief Executive Officer

Brian Naeve, Director | Secretary/Treasurer

Brian Scott, Director

Toby Prehn, Director

Susan Morris, Director

Bill Whitacre, Director