Mission43 and CAF-Idaho cut the Ribbon on the Idaho Outdoor Fieldhouse Article

Mission43 and CAF-Idaho cut the Ribbon on the Idaho Outdoor Fieldhouse

A New Era in Idaho Recreation Begins

The J.A. & Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation (JKAF) announced today the completion of the much-anticipated Idaho Outdoor Fieldhouse, a groundbreaking and state-of-the-art facility poised to revolutionize Idaho’s recreation scene for Mission43 and Challenged Athletes Foundation-Idaho (CAF) members.

Purposefully built in Boise, the Fieldhouse is set to position Idaho as a destination for accessible world-class recreation and the most desirable state for life after the military.

Designed to meet the needs of the members who will use it, the Idaho Outdoor Fieldhouse will combine an elite training campus with wellness resources and collaborative spaces to support military members, veterans and their spouses from Mission43 and athletes with physical disabilities from CAF-Idaho.

“It’s a campus designed to redefine boundaries, shatter barriers, and create a future where individuals, regardless of ability, can thrive in a world-class recreational environment,” said Roger Quarles, Executive Director, J.A. & Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation.

“It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we launch the first phase of the Idaho Outdoor Fieldhouse as the vanguard of innovation in inclusive sports and recreation.”

Roger Quarles

Strategically built on nearly 7 acres along the iconic Boise River Greenbelt, the Idaho Outdoor Fieldhouse will serve as the headquarters for both the Challenged Athletes Foundation – Idaho, Mission43, and Summit Hyperbarics & Wellness. The Fieldhouse offers unparalleled amenities, housing, and medical wellness services tailored to meet the specific needs of its members. From an aquatic center, gymnasium, rock climbing wall, ninja warrior course, outdoor track, and functional fitness areas – to conference rooms, administrative offices and a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber, the 46,000 square-foot facility has been designed to create an inclusive and empowering environment for military veterans and athletes with physical disabilities.

The Fieldhouse will serve as a hub for skill development enabling members to participate in specialized programs, adaptive sports clinics, mentorship opportunities, and fitness resources tailored to veterans’ unique needs, promoting overall well-being and successful transitions. “An unparalleled venture in Idaho and nationwide,” said Bryan Madden, Director of the Idaho Outdoor Fieldhouse. “With a purpose-built space catering to Mission43 members and CAF athletes, the Fieldhouse will elevate our state’s standing as a premier destination for military families and athletes with physical disabilities, further enriching communities across Idaho.”

“As we celebrate our 30th anniversary year, the launch of the Fieldhouse marks a pivotal milestone for the Challenged Athletes Foundation,” said Kristine Entwistle, CEO of Challenged Athletes Foundation. “This symbolizes a dynamic space fostering support, inclusivity, and dedication to transforming the lives of athletes with disabilities through the power of sports.”

“It’s not just a building – this cutting-edge facility will serve as the heartbeat of our commitment to empowering individuals with physical challenges.”

Kristine Entwistle

In Idaho, there are an estimated 200,000 individuals living with disabilities and 125,000 veterans, many of whom are eligible to receive support and benefit from CAF and Mission43 programs. Individuals in these communities have experienced similar journeys and will now have a central location to meet, collaborate, and continue to better themselves and their communities.

The Idaho Outdoor Fieldhouse will open Spring of 2024, to learn more about the organizations within the Fieldhouse, visit mission43.org and challengedathletes.org.

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