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Idaho//Ready for Change

2016 The
People's Review of Education
in Idaho.

What Idahoans
really think about education in idaho.

We wanted to know what Idahoans thought about their K-12 public education system.
This is what they told us.

Hear what regular Idahoans value and want for their own children and all students in Idaho. Download the full report to learn more. Download the full report to learn more.

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Idaho Students Percentage Graphic

Higher Learning Is the Key to Success

Our Findings

9 in 10 Idahoans believe that today's young people need to continue their education past high school and that it's hard to get a good job with just a high school diploma.

The Reality

Only half of Idaho's high school graduates pursue education or training after high school. Idaho has the lowest go on rate in the nation per capita.

View Source (higheredinfo.org)

9 in 10 Idahoans (92%) say that trade or technical schools are an excellent option but 2 out of 3 parents want a 4-year college degree for their own child.

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Idaho Economy Percentage Graphic

Better schools mean a better economy

Our Findings

8 in 10 Idahoans say that if Idaho had better public schools, it would attract more companies and professionals and its economy would be stronger.

The Reality

Idaho has one of the lowest per capita incomes and the highest percentages of minimum wage workers in the nation.

View Source (bea.gov) | View Source (bls.gov)

8 in 10 believe that Idaho ends up losing many of its best and brightest young people because there aren't enough good jobs for them.

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Idaho Schools Percentage Graphic

Public schools fall short

Our Findings

If given the chance, 73% would send their children to private school or to a charter school.

The Reality

In its 2016 Quality Counts report, Education Week gave Idaho a D+ and a ranking of #48 in the nation for its K-12 public schools.

View Source (edweek.org)

Only 48% of Idahoans would advise a family looking for top-notch schools to move to their school distrcit, while 42% would tell the family to look elsewhere.

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