Statement regarding the grant for the Instructional Management System Pilot

In 2011, the J. A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation authorized a $21 million grant to the Idaho State Department of Education (ISDE) to support the infrastructure, software, professional development, personnel and school grants necessary to pilot an Instructional Management System (IMS) that could integrate directly into the state’s longitudinal data system (Idaho System for Educational Excellence – ISEE). Through a vendor selection committee, the ISDE selected Schoolnet, a system created by Pearson Education for the pilot.

The pilot was designed to provide proof points for how Instructional Management Systems could provide teachers with tools and data to help guide daily instruction while seamlessly linking real-time classroom data with the state’s ISEE, which tracks a student’s progress throughout their educational journey.

After year-two of the three-year pilot, a third-party evaluation was required by the Foundation, which revealed several issues and challenges in the implementation of the pilot. The evaluation concluded that Schoolnet is a viable IMS tool and is being utilized successfully in many other states.

The original concept of linking Instructional Management Systems to longitudinal data systems remains a valuable project and all parties involved are committed to making the necessary changes to see the pilot through to successful completion.

Therefore, the Foundation will release the final $4.5 million of the grant in installments as measurable benchmarks are achieved.