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Mission43 will continue to give its members and supporters a meaningful, connected experience remembering the heroes who served on 9/11, as well as the military families impacted by the resulting Global War on Terror.

The annual 9/11 Miles of Remembrance race will be held virtually in 2020, honoring the relevance of the day and the people who served that day and continue to serve in the Global War on Terror. Mission43 encourages everyone to be together in spirit on September 11th by going for a walk, run or hike of any distance.

“Mission43 will be leading the way to show that we can safely unite our communities and that there is nothing that can keep us from observing the sacrifices of our military families and first responders, who make our world a better place to live in.” Mission43 Program Coordinator Dan Nelson said. “Offering connection and purpose to our veterans, their families and members of our communities that believe in honoring the memories of those we have lost in 9/11 and on the battlefields is what this event is all about.”

Traditionally, the race has been an in-person event, but by hosting this virtually provides the opportunity for the nation to join us. The 9/11 Miles of Remembrance race is proud to be able to offer a friendly community for anyone who would like to commemorate the day, and stand with Mission43 and all Americans by registering for this unique event. Mission43 will also provide unique guiding educational and inspirational material about 9/11 and our response to the attack, as a resource for participants during their activity.

“We hope that this material will guide you through your race to prompt thought, emotion and connection to those impacted. We want people to unite in spirit to lead, learn and inspire within their communities,” Nelson said.

Free Virtual Run, Statewide | Friday September 11, 2020 | Participants choose their own course and distance
MEDIA CONTACT:  Stacia Albiston, salbiston@jkaf.org,  (208) 866-0219