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Launching Mission43 and Creating Communities for Veterans to Lead Idaho

Director’s Corner | Roger Quarles

Executive Director, J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation

Coming out of the 4th of July weekend, it’s a great time to reflect on what makes our nation great as well as the patriots, who at great personal risk, have willingly stepped up with great courage to protect her. Greatness doesn’t just happen—it’s a process built in trust over time and is based on timeless values, a commitment to the greater good and with leaders worth following.

Great acts of patriotism are committed daily by men and women who protect our country. Many of these patriots are experiencing the biggest drawdown of the military since World War II. Why is this an issue? Because some of the most talented, courageous and well-trained Americans need a new mission. The questions we’re asking ourselves are:

  • How do we best support those whose daily purpose was dictated by a mission to protect the USA and to fight for the greater good?
  • How do we help them transition to a new mission and purpose? One that takes the best of themselves and translates it into leadership in our business, community and state sectors?
  • And, how do we help veterans and their families transition back into a civilian sector that shows overwhelming support, but often victimizes them through low expectations after their service.

We’re taking a different approach because we’ve listened to veterans of various ages, branches of the military and years of service.  They told us loud and clear—we need a new mission, a new sense of purpose—we don’t need to be told we’re disabled or somehow damaged due to our service. They revealed the need for a continued brotherhood—social connections that ‘have their back’. They want to be employed in jobs with meaning—careers that capitalize on their skills, knowledge and experience.

So, we’ve launched Mission43. You’ll be hearing a lot from us about Mission43 and its vision: Idaho united with veteran and military families to lead, learn and inspire in our communities. Mission43 has laid a firm foundation to equip and redeploy the expertise and leadership qualities embedded in our veteran population.
Mission43 has recruited the nation’s best veteran-focused organizations to build out the four core pillars:

  • Purpose: uniting the skills and experiences to rapidly deploy regionally and globally to emergency disasters. Partner: Team Rubicon
  • Social Connection: enriching lives of veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activities. Partner: Team Red, White and Blue
  • Employment: Transforming military service into civilian success. Partner: Hire Heroes USA
  • Education: Increasing usage of the GI Bill so that veterans are equipped for well-paying careers. Partner: Guild Education

Help Idaho veterans lead, learn and inspire in and for our communities and the state. Sign up at www.Mission43.org if you’re a veteran, business leader or community supporter.