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Love2Learn Idaho

There are more options for learning than ever before. Join us as we set out to inspire, share, and grow a love of learning in our great state. Love2Learn is a coalition of parents and students in Idaho seeking innovation and learning options in our education system. Your brainpower is Idaho’s greatest natural resource. No matter how much education you’ve had, there’s always more to learn.

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Idaho Business for Education

Idaho Business for Education is a group of business leaders from across the state who are committed to transforming Idaho’s education system. Their goal: more Idaho graduates who have post-secondary credentials and are workforce ready.

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Buck the Quo

Graduating high school teens have many choices for continued learning—from 1-year certificates, to 2-year associates degrees, to 4-year college and beyond. Because many Idaho teens are unaware of their options, they do nothing, resulting in the worst “go on” rate in America. This campaigns starts with “More In Store,” a statewide grassroots initiative and then expands to inspire and inform them of their options and chart their path toward the life they want to live.

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Don’t Fail Idaho

As a statewide public awareness campaign Don’t Fail Idaho’s goal is to help inform and motivate Idahoans to raise their voices and challenge an education system that is antiquated. Don’t Fail Idaho is committed to providing insight to further the conversation.

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Idaho Ed News

Idaho Education News is an award-winning, independent, and free on-line source for comprehensive news, information, commentary and data about K-12 education in Idaho

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Idaho ED Trends: Review and Compare Your Local Schools

Idaho Ed Trends is an online resource where parents can access data on school performance. Did you know the amount your local public school district spends on your child can be significantly more or less than other school districts in Idaho?  In some high schools schools in Idaho, the percentage of students who go on to college after high school is less than 35%?  What is the student to teacher ratio in your local school?  Does your school show improvement in student achievement over the years, or a decline? And how does it compare to other schools across the state? As parents we want to feel good about the schools where we entrust our children.  Idaho ED Trends is a free online tool to review and compare every aspect of your local school and school district including funding, student achievement (such as ISAT and SAT scores), staffing and much more.  When you know what is going on in your local schools, your school and your child’s education benefits.

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Ed Sessions

ED Sessions is a speaker series featuring hot lunches and hot topics. Audiences bring their appetite for lively discussion, while ED Sessions serves up food and national thought leaders on learning.

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Rural Opportunities Consortium

One-in-three American schools are rural; one-in-four American students attend school in a rural community. ROCI brings together some of the nation’s best thinkers to conduct research on the challenges of rural education and identify innovations, programs and models to address them.