We believe in elevating conversation to inspire and encourage informed decisions.

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Idaho At Risk

The storyline that the quality of public education in Idaho comes up short is not new. In fact, 36 years ago the Reagan Administration issued A Nation at Risk, a report that, novel at the time, issued a bleak assessment about the state of education in America.

This research report regarding educational attainment is grounded in our commitment to making Idaho a state where our citizens can learn, thrive, and prosper. It shares some realities about Idaho’s current and future landscape of educational attainment and economic mobility. We are hopeful that this data will encourage candid and necessary conversations regarding what citizens want for the future of Idaho.

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Buck the Quo

Buck the Quo was created to ignite the passion, potential, and purpose of every Idaho teen so they can learn, achieve and prosper in high school and beyond. Supportive content is delivered through a YouTube Series, on social media, and through A summertime, on-the-road state fair tour provides Idaho teens an in-person opportunity to talk and share with near-peers their goals, dreams, aspirations, and options to help them get there.

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Don’t Fail Idaho

Our intention through the statewide Don’t Fail Idaho public awareness campaign is to create a sense of urgency on behalf of all Idaho children, and to drive continuous improvement of our state’s education system. We believe in elevating the conversation to inspire and encourage informed decisions and aim to make improving education Idaho’s top priority. Why? Because 47 other states are outperforming us in K-12 education, and our children deserve every possible opportunity to excel. As we continue to look forward on behalf of current and future generations of Idahoans, our state’s ability to remain prosperous is only as strong as its willingness to innovate with the times and its workforce; and a strong workforce starts with a solid education. Ultimately we want to help Idaho kids earn Idaho jobs. Understanding where we stand, where there are gaps, and where there are opportunities to improve – these are all at the heart of Don’t Fail Idaho.

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Idaho Ed News

Idaho Education News is a public awareness service where parents, patrons, educators, and lawmakers can find the most useful information on issues that affect Idaho’s children and their future. The website features stories, news, and commentary about education policies and practices and the people who create and implement them. Information and articles are also shared on their Facebook page, or you can sign-up to receive their weekly e-newsletter and read all the week’s top education stories in one place.

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Ed Sessions

ED Sessions is a speaker series featuring hot lunches and hot topics. Audiences bring their appetite for lively discussion, while ED Sessions serves up food and national thought leaders on learning.

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Idaho Business for Education

Idaho Business for Education is a group of business leaders from across the state committed to transforming Idaho’s education system. The group’s goal is to see more Idaho graduates who have post-secondary credentials and are workforce ready.

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Idaho ED Trends: Review and Compare Your Local Schools

Idaho Ed Trends is a free online resource where parents can access data on school performance. Find out how much your district spends per child compared to others. See how your school trends in student achievement. Compare your school’s performance against any other school in Idaho. As parents, we want to feel good about the schools where we entrust our children. When you know what is going on in your local schools, your school, and your child’s education benefits.

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Hosted by America Succeeds, EDventure is an annual two-day national summit held in Boise, where 100 business affiliates are invited to come together to learn and share about national trends in public education. The summit serves as an R&D lab to develop, advance, and collaborate on thought-provoking ideas and innovation in education. It is a forum to explore ideas, test concepts, take risks, and embrace new challenges to bolster collective efforts to continually improve our education system.