Board of Directors

“Never have so much experience that you know something cannot be done.”
~ Joe Albertson

Joe Albertson opened his first grocery store in Boise in 1939. He often said that the people who worked for him were his greatest asset.  Joe was committed to giving young people an opportunity to excel.  Today, Joe’s family continues this commitment through the work of their private family Foundation.

A family foundation is one in which family members play a significant role in governing, managing and adhering to the intent of the donor and the donor’s family. Members of the Albertson family serve on a seven-member board of directors: J.B. Scott is the grandson of Joe and Kathryn Albertson; Jamie MacMillan is J.B. Scott’s daughter,  Brian Scott is J.B. Scott’s son and J.L. Scott is J.B. Scott’s father.

The Board sets policy and delegates authority to the Foundation’s CEO and senior staff for Foundation operations.

Board of Directors

  • J.B. Scott, Chairman
  • Brady Panatopoulos, Director | Chief Executive Officer
  • Jamie MacMillan, Foundation President
  • Brian Naeve, Director | Secretary/Treasurer
  • Brian Scott, Director
  • Gary G. Michael, Director
  • J.L. Scott, Director
  • Toby Prehn, Director